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Ebook Gratis Cake A Blood Nation Novel

Download Ebook Gratis Cake A Blood Nation Novel

While the rest of my prison was pretty basic, the bathroom was a spa worthy of a hedonist. Not that I was used to hanging out in spa settings, but it was a damned nice place to retreat to for some soothing alone time, when the jerk that had captured me wasn’t around. The shower itself was large enough to hold a small party in. Enclosed with thick clear glass on three sides, the final wall was decorated with a brown tile, though it was more than just a boring brown, for it had gold flecks embedded in it that glistened in the light through the water that hit it. I’d had my cheek pressed up hard against it enough times to really see it up close.

One would think that I would hate that place, since he liked making out in the shower, but there was a perk that I loved…the shower head had different settings.

I preferred the long, wide head that mimicked a water fall. I would stand there with the water cascading over my body and imagine that I was in a tropical paradise, rather than being a prisoner in a series of connected, sparse, concrete bunkers. A cement room is a cement room, no matter how large it was.

Stepping gingerly over to the tub, I started running the water. It would take a while to fill, so I knew I might as well get that started first. Then I stepped into the shower and let the warm water wash over me.

There was going to be a lovely bruise on my elbow. My hip was starting to turn black and blue as well. I lifted my good arm and perched it on the back tile wall, resting my forehead on my forearm and allowing the water to ease my aches and to sooth me enough to think some more. I did a lot of that…thinking, that is.

Judul Ebook : Cake A Blood Nation Novel
Penulis : Derekica Snake
Bahasa Ebook : Inggris

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